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Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie Free /// Watch 1920 Evil Returns Full Movie Online

Monday, 29. October 2012
Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie Free /// Watch 1920 Evil Returns Full Movie Online
By aftabji1, 09:17

Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie Free /// Watch 1920 Evil Returns Full Movie Online

1920 - Evil Returns is an upcoming Bollywood flick directed & written by Vikram Bhatt and Bhushan Patel.

It is a sequel to 2008 film 1920 which star casts Aftab Shivdasani as Jaidev Verma, Tia Bajpai as Lisa Surgery Smriti/Sangeeta (Double role), Sagar Saikia as Victor and Vidya Malvade playing the lead characteres.
The filming of 1920 Evil Retuns began in November 2011 in Sweden has set the stage now for gracing the screens in June 2012

Tia Bajpai, the petite little young woman, who made her debut with a 3D horror flick ‘Haunted’ not too long ago, couldn’t quite taste similar success with her next release Lanka. It was a dramatic outing and though she acted ably, the film as a whole didn’t succeed. However, Tia continued to find herself firmly placed in the Vikram Bhatt camp, what with her third film also coming from the same production house. With 1920 – Evil Returns, yet another horror film of hers, all set to release, Tia can be seen chirping away from nineteen to the dozen.

1920 – Evil Returns is just your third film and this time around you are playing a girl who is possessed. That must have required an entire body language change as well as shift in attitude, isn’t it? After all, in a horror film, a slight miscalculation can well lead to it turning into a comic outing.

Honestly, I stopped thinking about how I had to approach the role. See, when you think so much on these lines, the end product gets spoilt. In fact during the making of the film, Aftab (Shivdasani) really helped me a lot and so did (director) Bhushan (Patel). Whenever something that I did looked funny, they used to tell me there and then that it was not happening.

So what did you do to make things happen?
(Says immediately) I started observing a lot of animals. In fact I actually saw a lot of videos on YouTube where these cats, lions and tigers fought it out with each other. If you notice my act in the film, quite a few expressions of mine have come from these deadly animals. The way they growl or the look they give when on the hunt or their faces turning really scary with narrowing eyes and all; all of it makes for an unpleasant sight. This is what makes my character as well and you can say that these animals have actually helped me perform for the film. Resultantly, I developed an animal instinct.
(Smiles) Yes of course, I closely followed manly walk and gestures as well. In fact in the film, my body language is very manly. So due to animal instincts and a manly behaviour amalgamating, you would see no Tia Bajpai in the film. On the contrary there would be this badsoorat sa aadmi jo kisi ko bhi khatam kar sakta hai.

Now that’s quite a shift for you. After all, in ‘Haunted’ you played this tormented soul which was wandering for decades and hunting for redemption. Even in ‘Lanka’, you played a young doctor who was oppressed by local Mafia don (Manoj Bajpai). So in ’1920 Evil Returns’, it must have been a guilty pleasure for you to pick up the mantle and scare people around you, right?
(Laughs and says animatedly) Yes, the evil has returned with me this time around and I am in troubles more than just one. If losing my memory wasn’t bad enough, I also get possessed. There are mysterious circumstances in which Aftab finds me near a lake and it is only after bringing me home that he realises that he had a possessed woman at his disposal who had also lost her memory. Uske baad main kya dhamaal machati hoon, woh aap khud picture mein dekhenge!

When we had talked to the leading lady of the super hit, HAUNTED 3D, about her upcoming film 1920 - EVIL RETURNS, about a couple of months back. She had said, "1920-EVIL RETURNS is not a sequel to1920, but yes, the film is set in the same year."

However, till that time the stunning poster of 1920-EVIL RETURNS was not released, but when the first look was revealed, it shocked not only us but all the fans of Vikram Bhatt horror films, to see the very beautiful and innocent Tia Bajpai look so very scary. And naturally so, because unlike the trend nowadays to look sexy and glamorous, Tia (who is blessed with a very innocent face) has decided to keep her natural looks, so the transformation was even more shocking.Aftab Shivdasani and Tia Bajpai in a still from 1920 - Evil Returns Movie
To know the 'raaz', (secret) behind this drastic transformation, we called up the unassuming Tia and she said, "The entire credit for my look goes to the team of 1920-EVIL RETURNS, and especially Vikram Bhatt. I just cannot ignore the contribution of my make-up man too. I simply followed their instructions. I must also thank my co-star, Aftab Shivdasani, who was very understanding as it took hours for me to acquire the get up, and it tested everyone's patience. I am happy that the effort has paid off."

Well indeed, not only is the film getting hyped but even the music is making a mark, and will surely reflect in the opening of the film when it releases all over on November 2, 2012.

Producer Vikram Bhatt is back with 1920 – Evil Returns, a quasi-sequel to his earlier flick 1920. It is expected that music from the Bhatt camp has to be passionate and emotional. Their trademark style is embellished in all their movies and this one is no different, more so with the film belonging to the horror thriller genre. The makers have chosen Chirantan Bhatt, music director of Haunted, to do the needful and just like some fabulous music that he had composed there; he repeats the act this time around as well.

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